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About Pastor Ann Loutfi

Little German Girl Comes to America and Embraces God's Destiny for Her Life

Pastor Ann is a National Treasure. You may not of heard of her or maybe you have?  Her faith moves mountains and her preaching, writings, teaching, and counseling has helped millions in American and around the world in North Korea, China (over 1,000,000 Bibles distributed), in every nation in Africa on the air waves, on the radio with Salem Broadcasting's KKHT in Houston, videos on YouTube, other media appearances, and in her writings - her most recent book "Across a Field of Angels".  Other books are planned.

WWII Era Survivor and History of Faith


What a remarkable firebrand she has become. Ann's faith was developed in the strident era of World War II, a time when Hitler's regime was winding down, but loyalists were still persecuting Christians and Jews.  Her father and mother kept their family together and Ann writes about how God brought them to America and the impact of seeing the Statue of Liberty, that she thought was an Angel holding a Bible and a light (the torch), was placed by God to welcome her to America!  It made an impression, as did the Angel statuette that she found in a cemetery and carried on their treacherous journey through Europe.  You will be impacted by her testimony.

Dynamic Ministry with Many Media Platforms


Showers of Blessings Ministries with Pastor Ann Loutfi is multi-faceted in that in includes Pastoral Counseling, Speaking, Radio and Televison, Social Media, Writing, a unique Historical perspective, and International Reach.  Please consider joining our team and sharing this page with others of influence in your circles of faith.  Prayer Warriors on Standby.