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Pastor Ann, like many ministers, has served the Body of Christ selflessly for decades.  

She understands that the Lord Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith.  She was called into ministry as young child who remembered her family's faith of survival from the ravages of WWII under Hitler's impact on the world stage.

Her experience is something that she learned from her parents and by listening to God's voice early, and having a rare appeal before the throne of Heaven that ushers in the presence of God Almighty through fervent prayer and adoration of Him. 

It takes special prayer warriors for our time. This is not a ministry for the faint of heart, but is one for the tender of heart who want to hear from God and see him move in their lives.  

This is not a prosperity gospel, feel-good ministry (although you will feel confident), or watered-down gospel that appeals to the tares or goats and sacrificing the needs of the sheep and wheat within the Church.  

Pastor Ann talks about the critical issues that need to be addressed within the Body of Christ and encourages other Pastors and Spiritual leaders to do the same.

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If this ministry has helped you or your family in any way, Ann would love to hear from you and continue to pray for your protection.

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Most Christians believe that time is short and Jesus is returning soon.  Please sow into this fertile ministry today.  Pastor Ann has ministered across the globe and continues to focus on spreading the gospel to all she meets and those she hasn't through her media platforms. 

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